What Can You Feed a Corn Snake Besides Mice?

what can you feed a corn snake besides mice

There are a lot of things that you can feed your corn snake, but mice are not the only food source. There are also other creatures like frogs and lizards. Here are some things that you should avoid when feeding your snake. Also, you should avoid handling your snake, as this can cause it to bite you.

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There are other types of rodents that can be fed to a Corn Snake besides mice. Chickens are a great choice as they are slightly fatter than mice, and they can also cause a bit more loose faecal matter. However, if you are not sure what to feed your snake, you can use Reptilinks. These are a combination of organic vegetables and fruits and prey. These are mashed to the right consistency and scented to give your Corn Snake the impression that it is eating prey. They are also higher in calories and nutrients, and therefore are better for your Corn Snake than mice.


Mice are the main food item for corn snakes, but you can give them other things as well. While the snake’s natural preference is for mice, you can also feed your corn snake hamsters, quail, gerbils, and guinea pigs. You can also give your corn snake pinkies or hoppers as a treat.


A corn snake’s primary diet consists of mice, rats, and moles. However, a few of these snakes will also eat other small creatures, including frogs. Although not a popular pet for humans, a corn snake can be helpful to control rodent populations in the area where it lives. Tree frogs are a particularly popular source of food for young corn snakes.


A corn snake is very easy to care for and is usually docile toward humans. Their basic needs include a hiding box, substrate, and water dish. They also enjoy climbing sticks. Their diet consists of live or pre-killed rodents. Hatchlings enjoy eating lizard-scented mice.

Small frogs

While you can feed a corn snake small frogs, you should remember that they’re not suitable for eating raw. Frogs should be handled with care, and it’s important to avoid handling them with your hands. A few things you can do to make them more palatable to your frog are listed below.

Live rodents

When feeding your corn snake, you can feed it a variety of live rodents. The first one you can feed it is a pinky mouse, a type of newborn mouse. However, you should avoid giving your corn snake a mouse that has fur or is poisonous, as these rodents are not suitable for your snake.

Raw meat

When you feed a corn snake, it’s important to choose a prey item that’s appropriate for its size. You should aim for a food item that’s about one and a half times the snake’s midbody size. This will create a modest bulge in the snake’s abdomen. To make it easier, you can consult a feeding chart that can help you decide what to feed your snake. Typical prey items for juveniles and adults are lizards, frogs, birds, and rodents.


Veggies are a good choice for your corn snake if you want to make it more active. It prefers to eat birdies, but will also eat small lizards and frogs. Just remember to wash it well, since it will transfer your mouse scent to other animals.