What to Feed Ducklings at Home

what to feed ducklings at home

Whether you are raising ducklings at home or you are planning to breed them, you want to make sure you are feeding them the right food. There are a few different ways you can accomplish this. These include Starter crumbs, Grit, Treats, Commercial feed and the right kind of water.

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Starter crumbs

During the first three weeks, baby ducklings need to be fed a starter diet. You can buy commercial chick starter feed crumbles or unmedicated chick crumbs for your ducklings.

Ducklings grow very quickly in the first three weeks. They need a starter diet that contains 18% to 20% protein. This feed should also contain calcium and niacin. If the feed does not contain niacin, it is best to add brewer’s yeast.

After the first two weeks, you can begin to feed your ducklings eggs. It is best to cook the eggs before feeding them. This will ensure that they do not become sick.

It is important to provide a shallow water source. This should be set up in such a way that your ducklings cannot climb in. They should not be left out for long without water.

When you have a broody duck, you can place her in a pen with a feeder filled with food. This will prevent her from going in the water and drowning.


Providing grit for feeding ducklings at home is important. Ducklings do not have teeth so they need grit to break down their food. Grit can be made from sand or stones.

Some people will dump dirt in their brooders to provide grit. However, this is not an ideal solution. It’s best to supply a grit container that can be refilled as needed.

Typically, ducklings should be offered chick-sized grit to grind their food. In some cases, a small amount of grit mixed with feed is enough.

Some types of grit are specially formulated for use with ducklings. These products are available at poultry supply stores and online. There are several brands to choose from.

When purchasing grit, be sure to check the ingredients list. Some grit can be made from oyster shells, which are an excellent source of calcium. These shells help strengthen bones. Oysters also aid in digestion, so they can be a good addition to the duckling’s diet.

Commercial feed

Whether you are raising ducks as pets or laying eggs, you will need to know how to feed them. There are four basic components to the duckling diet: food, water, grit, and a few treats.

A good starting point for a duckling’s diet is to provide a high protein chick starter. You can find chick starter with 18 to 20% protein in it. For the first two weeks, you should feed your ducklings this. Then you should switch to a grower. The grower should have a protein content of around 15%.

The most important thing to remember when feeding your ducklings is to give them a varied diet. This will keep their diet balanced. You should always provide them with fresh, clean water. This will also help prevent them from choking. You should avoid giving them pellets, as they are too big for small ducks.

A quality layer feed should have a protein content of around 16%. You should also provide calcium in their food. This will help your ducks develop strong eggshells. You should also provide them with some shell grit.


Besides eating meat, eggs and vegetables, ducks can also be fed a variety of treats. These treats should not exceed 10% of their daily diet.

A good variety of treats will ensure that your ducks get enough protein and vitamins. One of the best treats to feed your ducklings is fresh herbs. They can be finely chopped and mixed with duck water.

Other popular treats include meal worms. These are available at bait shops and worm farms. They are high in protein and can be broken up into smaller pieces for easy digestion.

Another good treat for ducks is dried river shrimp. Dried shrimps are tiny and can be easily digested. They are also a great source of calcium.

Ducks can also be given a variety of raw fruits and vegetables. Most fruits are healthy for them. However, citrus fruits are too acidic for them. If you choose to offer your ducks fruit, be sure to remove the pits.