Wild Bird Nuggets

wild bird nuggets

Wild bird nuggets are a type of seed that’s designed to attract woodpeckers. These soft, suet-based nuggets can be used alone or mixed in with other seed in traditional bird feeders. They are ideal for year-round feeding and are particularly appealing to suet-eating birds.

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Suet base

Adding a Suet base to a wild bird feeder is a great way to attract more colorful songbirds. You can feed these treats alone on a platform feeder, or mix them with 5-10 pounds of seed in a traditional wild bird feeder.


Peanuts are a great source of protein for a wide variety of wild birds. These tasty treats can be used in bird tables and peanut feeders. It’s recommended to provide peanuts to birds all year round, especially to help them raise their young. Feed peanuts in a sheltered area, away from trees and shrubs that can attract predators. Peanuts should also be kept out of reach of children. Peanuts are packed at a facility that handles nuts.


Milky wild bird nuggets are the perfect treat for a wide variety of birds. These cake-like treats contain suet nuggets and are held together with gelatin. The cake is also mixed with the finest fruits and seeds. Ingredients include black sunflower, white millet, roasted peanuts, and soy oil. Milk, tree nuts, and fish may be added to the product.

Tree nuts

The E-Z fill feeder makes wild bird feeding a snap! These feeders hold up to 27 oz of suet nuggets and are great for feeding alone or mixed with 5-10 lbs of wild bird seed. Nuggets are made from rendered beef suet, corn, oats, and sometimes peanuts, tree nuts, and fish.


Nuggets are a delicious treat that is both tasty and nutritious for wild birds. These suet-based treats can be used as a standalone feeder or in combination with up to 10 pounds of traditional wild bird seed. They are available in resealable bags and are a great option for all seasons.


C&S Nuggets are an ideal food for birds. These small, crunchy pieces of suet are 27 oz in size, and can be used on a platform feeder or mixed with 5-10 lb of your favorite wild bird seed mix. They are available in a variety of flavors and are made with a high-energy suet base. The unique formulations help prevent food waste.

Fish oil

You can feed fish oil to your birds by putting them in your wild bird feeder. Wild birds love fish oil and are attracted to its fatty content. Nuggets made from beef suet are a good source of it. Nuggets can be mixed with a small amount of wild bird seed in traditional feeders.

Shellfish oil

Shellfish oil for wild bird nugget is a great way to feed your feathered friends. These products are available in 27-ounce bags. The nuggets are available in a variety of flavors. Many of them contain peanuts, papaya, roasted peanuts, or even almonds. They’re also high in oil and are a favorite of fruit-eating birds.