Yak Cheese Dog Chew

Dog chews can play an integral role in maintaining dental and cognitive development for your pup, but with so many chew options on the market it may be hard to know which are safe and healthy options for them.

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Yak cheese is an exceptional long-term chew made of just three ingredients without binding agents, preservatives or chemicals that provides long-term enjoyment for any dog or cat.



Yak cheese dog chews stand out as being long-term and durable chews, depending on your dog’s chewing strength and size, they may last several hours with regular chewing sessions. Plus, these natural chews don’t contain any preservatives or other chemicals to worry about!

As with all chews, it is vital that your dog be under constant supervision when eating their treats. This will prevent swallowing large chunks that could present a choking risk and overeating in one sitting and damaging his/her teeth.

Once your dog has finished chewing their yak cheese chew, leftover pieces can easily be recycled by microwaving them in the microwave to transform into a warm and delectable treat that resembles “pup-corn.” They’ll love it! Not only is this an easy way to redirect problem chewing but it is also an excellent way to stimulate their appetite and stimulate its development.

Nutritional Benefits

Yak cheese chews are made with real yak’s milk combined with lime juice and salt for an all-natural dog chew that contains no harmful chemicals, yet is packed full of magnesium, calcium, and antioxidants – an excellent healthy alternative to rawhide!

These foods can also be an ideal option for dogs with allergies and sensitivities, as their ingredients often do not include common allergens like grains and soy, while their low lactose levels make them suitable for pups with dairy intolerance.

But it is still wise to monitor your pup when enjoying a chew, as its broken pieces could present a choking risk or cause digestive issues in some pets. If any digestive issues develop after chewing on a yak milk chew treat, contact your veterinarian immediately; they can help identify whether this was indeed the cause or suggest further treatments or diet modifications that might help alleviate their condition.


Yak chews offer an all-natural alternative to other popular dog treats like rawhides and bully sticks, without lactose, artificial colorings or preservatives – they also boast essential calcium, magnesium and antioxidant nutrients that support skin and coat health.

These long-lasting chews are both odorless and grain-free, providing optimal oral hygiene by reducing tartar and plaque buildup while freshening breath. Chewing helps relieve boredom and stress as well as redirect problem biting/chewing behaviors.

Although yak chews start out hard, their soften over time as your pup chews them. If any leftover chews don’t quite puff up enough, simply microwave them for 30-60 seconds until they start producing hissing sounds and produce puffing up action. Just watch your pup while they eat it so that a small size might present a potential choking risk and remove when necessary.


Yak cheese chews offer an alternative to rawhide chews without chemical treatments or harsh ingredients; rather, their makers employ an ancient process for producing them involving boiling and drying yak milk to create long-term chews for dogs and puppies alike.

These chews are non-staining, have minimal odor and won’t splinter, making them the ideal way to satisfy the urge of chewers while maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Furthermore, these tasty treats help reduce stress while providing your pet with something delicious to snack on!

These chews are produced using yaks raised without hormones or antibiotics that feed off of herbs, plants and grass found naturally within their environment, producing rich milk for producing these treats. As with all treats or chews for dogs, supervise while your canine chews to avoid injury or choking hazards.