Yeast Free Dog Food

yeast free dog food

Food that’s low in starch will starve yeast of energy to thrive. Plus, this food provides essential vitamins and nutrients such as fruits and vegetables to nourish the dog; its primary source of protein comes from cage-free turkey while being rich in omega fatty acids and chelated minerals.

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This diet is designed specifically to treat yeast infections in small breed dogs. Composed of only three essential natural ingredients and free from allergens, this specialized food provides optimal care.



Grain-free foods for dogs tend to contain alternative carbohydrate sources such as potatoes and peas that could lead to unintentional weight gain in some dogs.

Before making any dietary changes for your pet, it is advisable to speak to a veterinarian first. Your vet can assist in deciding whether a grain free diet would be most suitable depending on their age, health and other individual considerations.

If your pet does have an allergy to grains, your veterinarian will work with you to identify its source and devise an appropriate therapeutic diet plan. But for most dogs, eliminating grains altogether is unnecessary – Full Circle Feeding offers an ideal alternative which focuses on fueling them with nutritious carbohydrates from proteins-rich food sources and nutritious veggies like sweet potatoes and legumes for maximum nourishment.

Limited ingredient

Grain-free dog food designed to address yeast overgrowth. Made with single animal proteins and limited carbohydrates, making it suitable for sensitive stomachs. Plus, probiotics and prebiotics aid digestion while it is free from corn, wheat, soy and carrageenan – with several flavors such as Grandma’s Chicken Soup, Jammin’ Salmon and Wok the Dog to choose from!

Yeast is normally found in dogs’ digestive systems in small numbers; when overgrown, however, it can lead to irritable skin problems and lead to itchy spots on their fur. By restricting access to natural sources of sugars that feed yeast growth and infection within their bodies, this diet starves it of energy it needs for growth and spread.

veterinarians frequently advise their clients to feed their dogs a diet free from yeast in order to treat yeast infections, but these diets can deprive their pet of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as contain grains or ingredients which break down into sugar, feeding the yeast infection further. Therefore, the most effective way to combat your dog’s yeast infection would be limiting carbs with diet; try sticking to lower-carb options such as raw diet or raw bones instead.


Many dogs suffer from yeast infections that cause itchy, irritated skin. While noncontagious, these infections may still be uncomfortable for your pup and affect digestion processes. As yeast feeds off sugar, an antifungal diet cuts off their main source of energy.

The best yeast free dog food will contain a high crude protein percentage and acceptable fat percentage, to promote your pup’s healthy development and weight. Avoid foods containing vague meat proteins like “chicken” or “turkey.” Instead, opt for options that are gluten-free, have no GMOs and come from countries with strict pet safety standards.

The Honest Kitchen offers a grain-free, high protein solution without fillers or artificial preservatives for your pet’s diet. Crafted in the US with no corn, wheat, or soy used, and prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive health – three flavors available include Northern Woodlands: Turkey Duck Quail Quail Lamb Beef Venison Lamb and Pheasant; Open Range with Beef Venison Lamb and Lamb; and Wetlands Chicken Duck Pheasant!


Natural yeast free dog food should contain a combination of nutritious components to support your pet’s immune system. It should contain high quality proteins, low carbohydrates and prebiotics/probiotics for digestive health as well as glucosamine/chondroitin for joint care.

Anti-yeast foods work by cutting off yeast’s main source of energy: sugar. Malassezia cannot survive without energy sources like starch in its diet; by restricting starch in their food intake, anti-yeast food may help protect them against infections.

This yeast-free dog food features 34% animal protein derived from lamb and includes dehydrated fruits and vegetables for natural sources of nutrition. Furthermore, this low carb formula does not contain corn, wheat or soy and does not use chemical preservatives; in addition, its customer rating is extremely positive and its price makes this an economical option suitable for puppies as well as adults alike.