5 Gallon Bucket Bee Feeder

A 5 gallon bucket bee feeder allows beekeepers to feed their bees without opening the hive, providing essential resources without opening it up every time. They’re easy to use and very effective at providing resources to bees without opening up the hive every time!

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These containers typically take the shape of inverted containers such as a quart jar, paint can with holes, plastic pail etc.


Toughtimbers Hive Top Feeder

This hive top feeder is one of the easiest ways to keep your bees hydrated, featuring a chamber that holds the syrup and an easy-use lid to prevent its spillage. Plus, it makes an ideal option for beginner beekeepers.

These feeders allow you to monitor sugar levels without opening your hive or disturbing your bees, and are simple and quick to refill with any jar you have on hand. However, overcrowded bees may find difficulty accessing this type of feeder.

This hive top feeder features floats to accommodate 10 frames. It comes pre-glued and stapled for ease of installation – simply placing it on top of your hive and covering with an inner cover is all that’s necessary! Furthermore, its design prevents robbers and invaders from taking away syrup supplies, plus comes equipped with an easy disassembly/cleanup tool.

Toughtimbers Bottom Board Feeder

Honey Hive Farm’s entrance feeder fits easily into the front of beehives for quick and convenient checking of sugar levels without disturbing or opening them up. Plus, its removable gate helps prevent bees from inadvertent robbing! A great solution for those wanting a simple feeder at an economical price point.

This frame feeder’s cap and ladder work to keep bees away from its main volume of syrup, thus limiting comb construction. Furthermore, its solid bottom board prevents fire ants or other pests from accessing it from underneath hives.

A solid bottom board also aids mite control by collecting debris that falls beneath the hives, but one drawback of using one would be that its gates do not lock into place; this issue would be easily rectified using clips to secure their desired positions.

Toughtimbers Zipper Bag Feeder

Beekeepers love this entrance feeder because of its affordability and ease of use. Simply placed at the hive entrance, this device features a rim that can accommodate plastic zipper bags filled with sugar water or syrup for feeding bees directly. Furthermore, there’s space where bees can gather and gather their sustenance as needed.

These feeders may not be ideal for winter feedings, but can provide your bees with sufficient reserves during the summer. Furthermore, this type of feeder is easy to use – just clean and fill! No opening the hive required!

But one drawback of this device is its attraction of pests like wasps and raccoons that feed off of bees’ food supply, making it hard for beekeepers to monitor sugar levels in the bag. Still, this method makes beefeeding simpler, offering pollen patties or mite treatments along with syrup.

Toughtimbers Frame Feeder

Frame feeders are specifically designed to fit inside of the hive, taking up one of the brood frames as its target location. Frame feeders offer many advantages over entrance feeders such as preventing robbers and providing more consistent syrup supplies – although cleaning them may prove challenging.

One of the main problems associated with feeders is that bees can get trapped in syrup, leading to drowning. Different designs such as ladders, floats and rough surfaces have been tried but these do not seem to solve this problem.

One drawback of this type of feeder is having to open your hive every time you insert or replenish it – an inconvenience which could disrupt beehives during wintertime.