Applaws Kitten Food Review

applaws kitten food

Applaws kitten food is a UK brand dedicated to crafting quality pet foods from only the highest-grade ingredients. Their recipes are straightforward, without any hidden additives or preservatives.

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Applaws offers a comprehensive selection of dry and wet foods for cats and kittens alike. Plus, they sell food toppers to complete either your wet or dry diet.



Protein is an essential nutrient essential to muscle building and tissue formation in the body. Additionally, it serves as the building block of enzymes, aiding in disease prevention.

Applaws kitten food is packed with animal proteins and contains higher levels of natural taurine and arginine than many other brands. This is because their recipes have been tailored to your cat’s specific requirements, using prime meats that are high in these two amino acids.

They do not use grains in their recipes, making them safer for your cat. Grain-rich foods have often been linked to weight gain due to how quickly they can be converted into fat when consumed.

Applaws’ wet food recipe features chicken breast and pumpkin simmered in broth for an irresistible treat your cat will love. Packed full of protein and natural sources of taurine, it only requires three ingredients to make this nutritious treat.


Kittens need extra protein and fat to support their growth and develop strong muscles. Furthermore, they require minerals for healthy bones and teeth.

Applaws offers a selection of food recipes made with ethically sourced, protein-rich natural ingredients. Their recipes incorporate your cat’s favorite foods into every bite so you can feel good about what they’re feeding your furry friend.

They create dry and wet recipes that are nutrient-rich, tasty, and easily digestible. Their recipes don’t include artificial colors or preservatives, and they source their ingredients from around the world to guarantee animals receive humane treatment.

The company began in the UK, but has recently spread to western Europe, North America and Australia. Though they’re a high-end brand, their prices don’t break the bank. Furthermore, they source their ingredients from reliable suppliers who follow international standards; furthermore, none of their products contain meat by-products nor do they use carrageenan for added nutritional benefits.


Applaws kitten food contains relatively few carbohydrate calories compared to other dry cat foods, as cats are obligate carnivores (meaning they require nutrients only from meat) and their digestive systems have evolved to metabolize a diet rich in animal protein and fats rather than carbohydrates.

It’s essential to note that cats can utilize complex carbohydrates for energy, but it is best to limit them from excessive sugar intake as this could lead to weight gain and metabolic issues.

As carbohydrates have a higher glycemic index than proteins, carbohydrates may be better for controlling your cat’s weight by decreasing overall energy intake. This is especially true if you’re also giving them fibre as this will aid digestion through the gut and reduce gastric emptying – leading to decreased appetite and better controlled feeding schedules.


Applaws is an impressive brand of pet food that uses only premium ingredients to ensure your furry friend stays healthy and content for years to come. Their formula utilizes high-quality proteins with low-glycemic carbohydrates without grains, keeping your cat’s digestive tract in top shape.

This cat food stands out due to the abundance of fiber – not just any old type. This formula utilizes high-quality cellulose plant fibre as well as micronutrients like vitamin C, beta carotene, antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin, plus lysine and phenylalanine for building healthy, long-lasting kittens. Furthermore, the company stands behind their products with ethically sourced ingredients which further adds to the value proposition.