Happy Chicken Feed

happy chicken feed

Happy chickens tend to grow quickly and gain weight, lay more eggs, and are highly productive. Furthermore, their shiny feathers and vibrantly-colored combs give them a great aesthetic appearance.

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Chickens require a nutritionally balanced diet with plenty of protein, carbs and fats. Furthermore, they may benefit from adding some vitamins and minerals to their food supply.


Nature’s Grubs(r) Happy Chicken Mix

Nature’s Grubs(r) Happy Chicken Mix is a tasty combination of black oil sunflower, cracked wheat and our Nature’s Grubs(r). Your flock will be delighted every time you feed them this delectable treat which is high in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals for energy boost as well as supporting healthy egg production.

This product is ideal for wild birds and can be fed dry or fermented. It has been certified organic and non-GMO project verified to guarantee your flock receives only top quality bird food available.

Chin Ridge Seeds has the perfect bird food products and feeds to meet all your feathered friends’ requirements! Browse through our entire line-up here; we’re certain you’ll find something suitable for your hens!

Happy Hen Treats Mealworm Frenzy

Mealworm Frenzy is a high protein treat perfect for chickens and other poultry. Made with 100% whole dried mealworms, this nutritious treat allows you to feed your birds an easy snack without the hassle of handling live worms.

Mealworm Frenzy comes in a resealable tub, making it easier for you to maintain the freshness and longevity of your treats. As this is our first line of chicken treats specifically designed for them, you can rest assured knowing they’ll enjoy something nutritious that tickles their taste buds as well.

These tasty, all-natural treats are an ideal way to train and tame your birds. They’re easy to feed straight from your hand or scatter on the ground or in a dish, are packed full of hen-healthy protein and don’t require refrigeration – making them ideal for training, taming and luring chickens into the coop all year long as an alternative to live mealworms.

Happy Hen Treats Cracked Corn

Cracked corn is a widely-used supplemental feed for chickens. Commonly found in scratch mixes, cracked corn provides energy and helps keep your flock active and alert.

Though it can be a tasty treat, only small amounts should be fed as part of an overall balanced diet for your laying hens. Eating treats alone does not provide them with reliable sources of protein or essential nutrients they require for optimal health and productivity.

Feeding treats to your chickens should be a special occasion and only 10% of their daily ration should be used as treats. Remember: spoil them moderately; they’ll always ask for more!

Happy Hen Treats Scratch Grains

Happy Hen Scratch Grains can add some fun and variety to your backyard chickens’ daily diet. Made with a 7-grain blend, this balanced feed provides essential nutrients that keep them happy and healthy. Furthermore, regular consumption of Happy Hen Scratch Feed increases your chickens’ chances of successfully laying that prized egg you’re after!

Happy Hens Lite is an ideal choice for your backyard flock and helps you be more environmentally aware at the same time. Made with only premium organic ingredients that meet USDA requirements for pet food, you can rest assured that this will be a top pick in your coop. We can’t wait to see how your chickens react when you give it a try!

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