Gold Coin Shrimp Feed

Gold Coin Shrimp FeedIf you want to grow prawns, you can feed them with Gold Coin shrimp feed. The original brand of the feed is President Enterprises 2. San Miguel produces the feed under licence in the Philippines. In my literature, I state that I am an honorary consultant to Hanaqua2, the manufacturer of Gold Coin shrimp feed. However, I have not worked on their formulation or the comparison of the performance of prawns fed with various feeds. Commercial feed companies conduct trials, but the results are not made public.


Gold Coin recently acquired a Singapore-based biotechnology and shrimp genetics company, SyAqua, which has commercial hatcheries in Thailand and Indonesia. Both companies have been exporting commercial broodstock in the region. Gold Coin is a pioneer in animal nutrition and aquaculture, and the company built its first shrimp mill in Malaysia in the early 1990s. The company currently has operations in eight countries across Asia, including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

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Technical support from scientific and nutritional experts is essential to the successful operation of aquaculture businesses. Technical advisors lead the R&D team and keep abreast of changes in the shrimp farming industry. They also provide technical support to Gold Coin customers through technical assistance and research, including new product development and quality control. Aquafeed Gold Coin shrimp feed standards are rigorously monitored and constantly refined. The company maintains close ties with its customers and partners to provide expert technical support.

Chee Kheng

Both Gold Coin shrimp feed and Chee Kheng shrimp feed contain basfin binder, which is a veterinary additive found in some aquatic plants. Many farmers think the ingredient is unpalatable and causes stunting in shrimp, but it is unlikely to cause this problem at the inclusion rates in Gold Coin. However, the Indonesian feed manufacturer has reportedly used the ingredient at levels far above its recommended use. Although there are no rigorous trials comparing the two feeds, the company has developed feeds aimed at tiger shrimp, which are particularly difficult to rear.

The cost of dietary raw materials for the production of these feeds is reported at M$1.00 per kg. Several feeds have been produced using extrusion and sun-drying, but both methods are not suited for this purpose and have low water stability. Furthermore, sun-drying is said to cause vitamin damage due to UV radiation. Therefore, BARC has recently purchased a CPM Model CL-3 laboratory pelleter and a kerosene-fired blower heater.

Royals Marine Food

One of the leading producers of high quality shrimp feeds in India, Falcon, has recently opened a 72,000 MT per annum captive shrimp feed factory in Odisha. Another major player in the industry is Godrej Agrovet, which has developed a range of specially formulated feeds for shrimp in Indian farming conditions. Sandhya Marines Ltd., a renowned seafood supplier, began operations in 1987. In 2019, it expanded into the shrimp feed segment.

These crimson-colored shrimp live in deep, cool waters from Massachusetts to French Guiana. They are found in cold ocean waters between eight hundred and one thousand feet. When you order their feed, you can be sure it will be fresh and tasty. This premium product contains only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring maximum results in the long run. Unlike other brands, Royals Marine Food gold coin shrimp feed contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Vijaya Saradhi Feeds

Aquafeed manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh have a long history of producing quality products for aquaculture. Whether it’s the formulation of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, or other substances that support a healthy shrimp culture, VIJAYA SARADHI FEEDS is dedicated to providing the best possible feeds for your fish. The company’s mission is to help the consumer and farmer grow, and develop its industry. With a long-standing history of innovation and success, Vijaya Saradhi Feeds continues to expand into new markets, gaining international exposure and strengthening its capital.

The feed is manufactured using high-quality ingredients, which are internationally sourced. The feed’s FCR (feed conversion ratio) is exceptional and maintains water quality while improving the nutritional value of the feed. It’s produced by an experienced team that adheres to stringent manufacturing and quality controls at every stage. It is shipped and delivered on time, and the traceability system is sufficient to ensure that every gram of feed meets the highest standards. If you’re looking for feeds for shrimp, consider Vijaya Saradhi’s gold coin shrimp.

Ng Enterprise

The Golden Springs Group, comprising Regal Springs tilapia farming and SyAqua shrimp genetic improvement company, manufactures Aquafeed at six mills in South East Asia. The company produces broodstock for shrimp, encapsulated hatchery feed, and other products for aquaculture. The Aquafeed market is worth about $90 million a year. With its headquarters in Singapore and operations in eight countries, Gold Coin now employs more than 2,600 people. Its diverse product line includes premixes, concentrates, and compound feed.

The company is also a major player in Asia, with more than ten million kilograms of shrimp feed produced in India. Its captive shrimp feed factory in Odisha has recently added to its portfolio, and its other two feed units in Gujarat have expanded production. Ng Enterprise is also a major manufacturer of aqua feeds in India, with specialties in the nutrition and growth requirements of shrimps. It has investments in power and aquaculture, as well as a subsidiary of Pilmico International.