Good N Fun Triple Flavor Twists

Good n Fun Triple Flavor Twists offer dogs delicious chew treats with delicious combinations of pork, beef and chicken jerky flavors that their tails will wag for! Made from premium pork and beef hides twisted together and wrapped with tasty premium chicken jerky for long-term chewy enjoyment and featuring natural chewing action to reduce plaque and tartar build-up on teeth, these tasty chew treats make tails wag! Tails will wag when these tasty bites arrive at their feet! Tails are sure to wag when their tails meet these tasty twists made of premium pork/beef hides combined together and wrapped with mouthwatering premium chicken jerky for flavorful chew treat that delivers long-term chew enjoyment and great dental health by helping reduce plaque buildup on teeth! Made using only premium pork/beef hides wrapped tightly with premium chicken jerky for flavorful chews made to produce long lasting chew treats packed full of long lasting and flavor! Good N Fun triple Flavor Twisties made of premium pork/beef hides are combined to produce chew treats full of long lasting delicious flavor while their natural chewing action promote dental health while helping reduce plaque/tartar accumulation on teeth. These chew treats contain high amounts of protein content while helping dental health by reducing plaque/tarr accumulation on teeth!

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Beef & Pork Hide

Good n Fun Triple Flavor Twists combine the juicy goodness of beef hide and premium cuts of chicken into these long-lasting chews for dogs. Packed full of protein to reduce tartar buildup and promote dental health, these twisty treats also satisfy their natural urge to chew!

These chews are constructed using only high-grade beefhide from grass-fed cattle and then treated by irradiation to ensure it’s both hygienic and safe for dogs to chew on.

Pork hide is a type of rawhide made from the inner layer of pig skin, offering dogs long-term chews with irresistible taste and an abundance of protein. As with all rawhide chews, however, it is important to supervise while your pet enjoys his chew and discard any chunks or fragments they swallow. For best results, give these treats as treats once every day as rewards or snacks!

Chicken Jerky

Chicken flavor makes these chews more palatable for dogs that don’t like beef, while providing essential protein that supports muscle development in athletic or growing pups.

Chicken jerky does not pose the same risks of digestive upset for dogs as other meaty treats; however, it should still be introduced slowly to prevent symptoms and to ensure optimal performance. Furthermore, its low fat content makes it an attractive treat option for many pups on restricted diets.

Drying chicken protects it from spoilage, but for best results it must be stored in a cool, dry environment to extend its shelf life. Use the bend test to test for readiness – if the treat bends without cracking when bent in half then it is ready to consume! Refrigerate or freeze homemade jerky to extend its storage period.

Natural Chewing Action

Good n Fun Triple Flavor Twists provide your pup with three tempting flavors they’ll adore for an irresistibly delicious treat! These long-lasting rawhide chews feature premium pork hide and beef hide wrapped with irresistibly succulent real chicken jerky for maximum gnawing fun – providing a wholesome source of protein while providing natural chewing action to reduce tartar build-up and remove plaque buildup!

These chews are an ideal way to keep your dog entertained and promote oral hygiene, all while satisfying his natural urge to chew! With delicious flavors and natural chewing action, these treats will satisfy his natural urge while providing hours of amusement – guaranteed wag-worthy entertainment and taste sensation! This chew treat also serves as an alternative rawhide option for dogs with sensitive stomachs!