Healthy Treats For Cats Homemade

Treats are an excellent way to brighten a cat’s day, whether they’re celebrating something special or simply need a pick-me-up. But some treats can be detrimental to your pet’s health so it’s best to choose healthy options when making them at home.

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These healthy homemade cat treats are all-natural, grain free and super simple to make – your furry friends will surely love them as much as you do!


Tuna & Pumpkin Crackers

Pumpkin is an ideal ingredient for cats as it contains high amounts of fiber, helping them feel full between meals. Plus, pumpkin contains vitamins A and C that support their immune system.

It’s also high in zinc, beneficial for skin and fur health. Furthermore, it provides a natural source of calcium – essential for their bones and teeth – that supports their development.

These homemade cat treats with tuna and pumpkin are not only healthy for your furry friend, but easy to make as well! Plus, they’re affordable too!

However, it’s essential to remember that these should not be your cat’s primary source of nutrition. They should only be given occasionally as a special treat.

Spinach & Chicken Cat Treats

Chicken and spinach make for a nutritious treat for cats, so this recipe will have your feline companion purring in no time! Plus, it’s organic and includes catnip for an added fun factor!

These delectable treats are simple to make and sure to please your furry feline friend. All you need is a blender or food processor along with some cooked chicken.

This delectably crunchy treat is not only delicious and crunchy, but it can also help control hairballs!

These treats are an ideal way to use up leftover turkey or fish, making them a healthy treat for your cat as well. You could also add some cranberries for an extra festive touch!

Salmon Cat Treats

Salmon cat treats are an easy, affordable way to give your furry friend some fishy goodness without having to buy anything. Plus, they’re incredibly simple to make and provide your furry friend with essential nutrients!

Salt in My Coffee’s grain-free recipe for cat treats is perfect for cats with sensitive stomachs. Made with pumpkin, tuna, coconut flour and mineral powder (or parsley and egg), these treats are low in calories but packed with protein and omega 3 fatty acids!

These treats are soft and chewy, making them ideal for wet-food trained cats, older cats with kidney disease or digestive problems who might benefit from a softer texture. Plus, you can mold them into fun shapes using silicone fish molds!

Organ Meat Cat Treats

Organ meats make for an excellent addition to your cat’s diet. Not only do they contain high levels of protein and fat, but also essential vitamins and minerals.

However, you should consult your vet about introducing organ meat into your pet’s diet. They may also suggest nutrient supplements which may be expensive at first but ultimately beneficial for your cat’s wellbeing.

Cats’ liver and kidneys are excellent sources of essential nutrients. Furthermore, these organs help filter bodily toxins away from a cat’s system.

Liver and kidneys should only make up 5% of your cat’s daily food intake, so be mindful not to overuse this ingredient. You could also opt for organ meats from grass-fed animals which may help reduce toxin levels in the meat.

Frozen Lollipops

Frozen cat treats are an excellent way to keep your cat cool and hydrated during the summer months. Plus, they’re easy to make so you can whip them up whenever the mood strikes!

No matter if you use a candy mold or an ice cube tray, frozen lollipops make for an amazing treat for your cat. Why not add some meaty sticks too for extra fun and variety?

This recipe is so effortless to make, and the result is plenty of ice pops! All you have to do is blend some blueberries and kibble together before pouring into an ice cube tray and freezing!