Is Petco Wild Bird Seed the Right Choice For Your Yard?

petco wild bird seed

If you’re looking to attract different species of birds to your yard, consider using petco wild bird seed. This variety is fortified with rapeseed and contains various grains and seeds that birds love. You can use this seed year round, regardless of the season. Read on to learn more. Is Petco Wild Bird Seed the Right Choice for Your Yard? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right bird seed.

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Attracts birds

A wild bird feeder is a great way to attract and feed birds to your yard. It provides a healthy diet of seed, nuts, and other natural products that birds crave. The seeds are also high in energy and provide the birds with plenty of fresh water for drinking and cleaning their feathers. A feeder like this makes attracting birds an easy task. If you want to attract a specific species of bird, you can choose specialty feeders that contain a special blend of seeds designed to attract the type of birds you want to visit your yard.

Contains rapeseed

Rapeseed is an excellent food for birds. Quails, doves, finches, and juncos are some of the species that eat rapeseed. House sparrows and cowbirds also enjoy rapeseed, but sunflower seed is a better all-around choice. Here are some other things you should know about rapeseed.

Attracts cowbirds

One of the best bird feeder accessories is a dish filled with nutritious and colorful bird seed. Attracts cowbirds and other small songbirds to your backyard. This dish is made from high-quality grain that is not intended for human consumption. Some types of petco wild bird seed are great for attracting cowbirds, while others are more suited to finches and other songbirds.

Attracts hummingbirds

Choosing the right kind of bird feeder is essential for attracting hummingbirds to your backyard. You can buy hummingbird feeders from Petco. They come in both red and pink varieties and are most attractive to hummingbirds. If you’re considering a hummingbird feeder, you may want to invest in flowers and shrubs that attract hummingbirds.

Attracts ground-feeding birds

To attract the most diverse group of ground-feeding birds, choose a mix of seeds and provide different types of feeders. Sunflower seed attracts the most ground-feeding birds. Black oil sunflower seeds are especially attractive to sunflower specialists, who toss cracked corn and millet to the ground. Other attractive seeds are peanuts, berries, and dried fruit, which attract woodpeckers and nuthatches. Titmice prefer milo or wheat.


If you want to feed your birds, a good choice is the Bird Seed Mix, which contains the types of seeds and grains birds love. This mix is fortified and ideal for year-round feeding. It also tastes great! Just be sure to check the labels carefully to make sure your pet won’t eat it! There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing bird seed. Keeping it out of the reach of cowbirds is important, so it’s best to avoid buying milo seeds or red millet seed.

Is a good choice for hummingbird feeders

Hummingbirds feed on nectar, a sweet and energy-rich liquid. If you hang a feeder outside, you’ll be able to see hummingbirds drinking nectar as they come and go. You may also see other birds frequenting the feeder as well. But to keep these visitors happy, it’s important to clean your feeder regularly. If you leave the seeds inside, they’ll grow mold and mildew.