Nutro Wet Dog Food Review

nutro wet dog food

Nutro provides highly affordable and high-quality dog recipes. Real meat is the primary ingredient, while chickpeas and lentils provide vital carbohydrates. Sunflower oil and canola oil provide valuable sources of healthy fats.

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Slow-cooked pet food contains no artificial flavors or preservatives, and pet owners have noticed their pets enjoying eating it – their coats also appear healthier!



Nutro uses only premium ingredients from trusted farmers and suppliers, using minimal processing techniques so as to preserve each one’s nutrient profile.

This brand offers products made with naturally-sourced ingredients and no GMOs, corn, wheat or soy-derived GMOs or artificial colors or flavors. When possible they also use organic vegetables and ingredients which helps decrease herbicide and glyphosate residue levels in their foods.

One great feature of this brand is that their products are manufactured in the US to the highest safety and community involvement standards, as part of their FEED CLEAN philosophy, providing high-quality food for dogs that’s both nutritious and clean – from wet and dry dog food recipes, treats and kibble! You’re sure to find just the right item for your furry companion at any stage in their lives.


When it comes to wet dog food, this brand does an exceptional job of matching nutritional density with flavor. Their chicken and sweet potato stew recipe contains at least 9.5% protein, 3% fat, and 82% moisture; plus it includes plenty of glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health.

Another alternative is their Natural Choice recipe, which does not contain grain and boasts an exceptional protein source that provides all essential amino acids needed to support healthy growth and development. Furthermore, this dish includes ample omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to promote skin and coat health in your pup.

NUTRO ULTRA offers limited ingredient diets made with limited ingredients that are free from grains, glutens, corns, wheats and soy, artificial flavors and preservatives, trace amounts of artificial colors or flavors may still exist due to cross contact during manufacturing – an excellent choice for dogs prone to food allergies. All their recipes carry the FEED CLEAN logo for added reassurance of good hygiene during manufacture; all their recipes bear clean simple labels without artificial colors or flavors (trace amounts may still exist due to potential cross contact during production), making these formulas an excellent option.


The company offers various recipes tailored specifically for dogs of all ages, such as dry kibble and canned wet food. Their ingredients are designed to be easily digestible for older canines while at the same time helping manage weight through reduced caloric intake; this is important for overall health purposes and should be discussed with a vet.

This food utilizes real meat as its primary protein source, along with chicken meal and poultry fat for additional protein and fat intake. Brown rice, whole grain sorghum and barley serve as complex carbohydrates; dried beet pulp and flaxseeds offer fiber and antioxidant benefits; this recipe also provides essential vitamins and minerals.

This food does not contain corn, wheat or soy that have been associated with inflammation for certain dogs. Instead it features tapioca starch as one source of high carb content in this food.


Nutro provides an assortment of dry dog food, canned food and treats made with natural ingredients that don’t contain artificial preservatives, flavors or colors – they also offer a money back guarantee! Plus they’re proud to say they only buy from reputable suppliers!

Nutro products can be found at most major pet product retailers and pet specialty stores, online, and can also be purchased directly. All their food is manufactured here in America – their dry dog foods are produced in Henderson, North Carolina and Victorville, California while can and tray production facilities exist in Lebanon Tennessee; Fort Smith Arkansas; Columbus Ohio respectively.

John Saleen founded this company in 1926 when he purchased a small dog food manufacturing plant in California. Mars Petcare purchased the business in 1976 and currently produces its brand worldwide; products can be found for sale across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.