Primal Dog Foods Review

primal dogs

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Primal formulas offer all of the benefits associated with feeding raw diets without the hassle of grinding, chopping or mixing ingredients yourself – you’ll see this evidenced in your pet’s happy and healthy results!



Freeze-drying food removes most of its water content while maintaining shape, texture and flavor – an effective process ideal for meat products as well as certain fruits, vegetables and supplements.

Freeze-dried food is lightweight, cutting shipping and storage costs while providing convenient pet feeding on the go or with limited storage space.

Freeze dried pet foods offer the versatility of being served either as an entirely dietary solution, or used as toppers on other raw meals. They’re an excellent choice for older or pickier pets and even dogs with dental issues can benefit from eating freeze dried treats!

All Primal products are specially formulated with ample amounts of named proteins derived from meaty bones and muscles, certified organic produce, unrefined vitamins and minerals and all-natural prebiotics sourced from algae. Every recipe meets AAFCO nutrient profiles for growth (puppies) or maintenance (adult). Primal frozen foods feature cage-free duck as their primary protein source, making them well tolerated by many dogs with intolerances to chicken or beef protein sources.


Primal pet foods are made with antibiotic, hormone and steroid free meats; certified organic produce; whole food supplements from certified organic farms; as well as natural nutrient rich oils including coconut oil sourced from ranchers who take pride in producing humane sources of animals and top quality vegetables and fruits.

Primal Pet Food’s freeze dried pet foods offer an ideal introduction to raw feeding for dogs with dental issues, sensitive stomachs or selective eaters. Primal’s patties, nuggets and scoop & Serve format thaw out quickly for quick meal service.

The brand’s three raw food lines all score highly for meat content and overall protein-to-fat ratio, despite using some lesser quality oils. Their Pronto line, however, loses points for using farmed fish and cod liver oil that haven’t been described as wild caught, as well as organic coconut oil which may compromise gut health – earning this brand five stars on our dashboard rating scale.


Primal Pet Foods provides both frozen and raw dog food options for their customers. Their frozen recipes are already carefully balanced for an ideal diet, using human grade ingredients and Certified Organic produce; plus high pressure processing to kill bacteria in their foods.

Their Freeze-Dried Nuggets Lamb Formula is an impressive example of their food’s high-quality composition, featuring no filler ingredients and being completely steroid and antibiotic free while providing ample protein and fat content to support dog health and happiness.

This recipe includes fresh meat, finely ground venison bones and tendons for calcium supplementation, various fruits and vegetables as well as an abundance of named meats and organs that provide optimal levels of protein and essential fatty acids. Furthermore, probiotics and zinc sulfate supplements should also be included. It is best kept frozen throughout and only defrosted for around an hour prior to serving.


Primal believes that pets thrive when fed according to nature; their foods feature organic fruits and vegetables in both freeze-dried recipes and raw food formulas for maximum nutritional support. Primal’s foods are practical yet fully balanced with focus on named meats, bones, organs and organic veggies for complete balance and satisfaction.

Integrity Nutrition prides themselves on being transparent with their sourcing, always informing their customers where each ingredient originates. All animal ingredients come from ethical farms in either the United States or New Zealand while all produce is certified organic. Their facilities have also been inspected by both the California State Department of Agriculture as well as USDA.

Give your pet something good for them with crunchy, savory jerky chips made with responsibly-sourced chicken that’s free from antibiotics, steroids and hormones, then gently freeze-dried into irresistibly crunchy texture. Plus, they include peanut butter combined with probiotics and goat milk for digestive support! You’re My Butter Half is also free from artificial colors, flavors or preservatives!