Primal Cat Food Review

primal cat food

Primal cat food is a natural alternative to kibble for your cat, which has a wide variety of benefits for your pet. Choosing the right diet is important, and one of the key factors is how the foods are sourced. The ingredients and the recipes can vary from pet to pet, but all Primal foods contain meat and other natural ingredients.

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Primal cat food uses humanely sourced ingredients and is designed for all life stages. It is available in both frozen and freeze-dried recipes. The formula is also made in the United States in USDA certified facilities.

In addition to the quality ingredients, Primal cat food is manufactured using high-pressure processing, which kills 99% of harmful pathogens. Additionally, it contains no fillers, synthetic vitamins, or wheat.

Primal Cat Food features a variety of protein sources, including turkey, quail, and pork. These proteins are balanced and contain the nutrients needed by cats at all stages of life.

Salmon is an essential source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. It is also a natural source of preformed vitamin A. Cod liver oil is a source of essential fatty acids and provides additional protein.


Primal cat food recipes are known for their high quality protein, fresh ingredients, and nutritional value. These include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and supplements. They also avoid animal by-products and gluten, which are commonly used in commercial cat foods.

Primal cat food is a well-known brand. It is produced in the US and New Zealand. Since its inception in 2001, the company has focused on improving the lives of pets. This includes providing free-dried and freeze-dried cat food as well as a wide range of treats and supplemental foods.

The company offers a variety of high-quality proteins, including those from the United States and New Zealand. The products are grain-free and contain no fillers or additives.

Primal has a long history of product recalls. Although the reasons behind these recalls are varied, it is important to check the recall history of a particular brand to make sure that it is reliable.

Meat-centric diet

Primal cat food is a meat-centric diet for felines. It contains raw meat, vegetables and fruit, and minimally processed bones and organs.

Primal pet food is grain-free and contains no red-flag ingredients, such as corn, soy or added red-flag products. The meat is free of antibiotics and steroids. It also goes through High Pressure Processing, which kills 99% of harmful pathogens.

Primal offers three product lines, each with its own unique ingredients and processing methods. They are designed to simulate a natural canine or feline diet.

Primal Feline Raw Frozen Pronto Recipe with Pork is a nutritionally-rich alternative to traditional kibble. It features ninety-three percent pork. It contains 8% organ meat and 6% bone content. The protein-rich meal thaws quickly, making it easy to feed your cat.

Nutritional supplements

Primal cat food contains a variety of protein sources, including pork, turkey, and rabbit. It also contains organic fruits and vegetables. The product is free of fillers, synthetic vitamins, and antibiotics.

Primal foods simulate a cat’s natural diet. Unlike most pet foods, they are made with real meat and bones. These ingredients are then freeze dried. This ensures a nutritionally balanced meal.

Primal’s Fresh Toppers target digestive and immunity issues. They contain bone as a source of calcium. Goat’s milk helps support energy and urinary tract health. Their products are also rich in vitamin C, which supports skin and coat health.

Primal Nuggets are convenient freeze-dried treats. Each 14-oz bag contains 42 to 56 nuggets. You can serve them as a topper to your cat’s normal food or crumble them for a variety of sized meals.


Primal cat food is one of the better brands of raw pet food on the market. It is made from top-quality ingredients and contains a mix of produce and meat.

Primal cat food is made in the US from certified facilities. Some of the ingredients include organic pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, kale, ground alfalfa, organic kelp, and dried organic parsley.

Primal foods are formulated to replicate the natural feline and canine diet. They are derived from sustainably-grown, free-range meats and organs, and contain no added antibiotics or hormones.

The Primal food lineup includes a range of recipes, including raw frozen nibbles, raw frozen nuggets, slow-roasted treats, and freeze-dried treats. All of them are grain-free, and each recipe contains a combination of protein sources. Depending on the product, the protein source can be turkey, chicken, pork, rabbit, venison, or quail.