Primal Food For Dogs Review

Primal Pet Foods was established by Matt Koss in response to a veterinarian-recommended diet for his sick dog Luna. Their dog food contains only antibiotic-free animal meats as well as raw vegetables, fruits, and grains as ingredients.

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All their products are free from artificial dyes and contain organic produce and natural ingredients; however, one recall was issued for their frozen primal beef formula due to Listeria contamination.


Raw Diet

Raw diets offer numerous benefits to pet owners, such as improved dental and bone health and a healthier skin and coat. Furthermore, this form of food removes many issues found in processed kibble like antibiotics or added hormones that might affect its performance.

Matt Koss, the founder of Primal, learned the value of raw diet for his dog Luna when she began experiencing renal failure symptoms. By switching her to raw food diet, Matt found that Luna’s symptoms significantly subsided.

The company provides three frozen raw diet lines designed to provide balanced meals containing vegetables, fruits, unrefined vitamins and minerals and high-quality proteins from organic produce for consumption on a raw diet diet plan. These recipes also utilize high quality proteins for optimal performance during raw diet consumption.

Each recipe is created with antibiotic-, steroid- and hormone-free proteins combined with certified organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals to create delicious meals, then freeze-dried to preserve nutrients while eliminating harmful pathogens before being rehydrated with water before serving.

Grain-Free Diet

Many pet parents mistakenly believe that grain-free diets are healthier because they reduce filler ingredients. Unfortunately, this belief is inaccurate as grains provide essential vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and fiber for their diets.

These foods provide protein that’s difficult for dogs to digest. This means your pet will use energy faster and may experience a blood sugar crash later.

Grain-free foods present another concern due to their limited supply of taurine. Taurine is an essential amino acid which supports cellular energy and heart function, yet many grain-free kibbles don’t contain enough protein to provide your pet with enough taurine.

Therefore, I suggest providing your pet with a species-appropriate whole food meat-based diet including raw bones and organs as well as fruits and veggies. Or else consider discussing with your veterinarian to select an ideal plan tailored specifically to their individual pet!

Customizable Formulas

If you want your dog to remain healthy, feeding him a balanced diet is key. A tailored pet food formula can be particularly effective at meeting his specific nutritional needs; such as allergies, digestive issues, joint pain or weight management.

As dogs pass through different life stages, their energy requirements change accordingly. To meet this need, veterinarians and pet nutritionists create pet foods specifically tailored to each stage in a dog’s development – such as protein-rich proteins, carbohydrates and fats as well as micro ingredients known as inclusions that provide vital minerals and vitamins.

Just Right uses a series of questions to assess your pup’s energy requirements, then tailors a meal plan specifically tailored for him. They have various plans available online or you can make your own homemade pet food using their nutrient blends and recipes; all products meet veterinarian and nutritionist approval, with recipes designed to comply with AAFCO standards.

Recall History

Primal utilizes a high-pressure processing technique that kills bacteria without using heat or radiation, creating food with less risk for salmonella and other pathogens, making it more likely to keep your pet healthy. Furthermore, their recipes use organic fruits and vegetables along with unrefined vitamins and minerals for maximum nutritional benefit.

At Pet Nutrition Centers of Michigan, they provide an assortment of raw pet foods – frozen patties and freeze-dried nuggets are among them – all antibiotic- and steroid-free with no additional hormones added; their raw meats, organs and bones use a blend of proteins and fats that provide energy to meet your pet’s energy requirements.

In April 2022, they issued a voluntary recall for one lot of their raw frozen primal patties beef formula with lot number W10068709 and best before date May 22, 2023. No customer reported illnesses associated with this food; however it’s wise to consult the FDA recall list regularly as listeria can cause serious illness in both people and animals.