Purina ONE SmartBlend For Large Breed Dogs

Your large breed dog deserves nutrition that supports his growth with this innovative mix of high-quality ingredients. A dual-defense antioxidant blend supports healthy immune function while vitamins E & A as well as zinc and selenium promote bright eyes, radiant skin, and shiny coat. Each high-quality ingredient serves an important purpose with no fillers – every high-quality ingredient counts!

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Natural Lamb & Rice Formula

Inspired by nature and refined through research, this high protein dog food features real lamb as its star ingredient along with other key ingredients to provide your adult pup with optimal nutrition. Each highly digestible kibble formula features protein-rich tender meaty morsels filled with amino acids for strong muscles as well as natural sources of glucosamine for hip and joint support. Plus this formula also provides 100 percent complete and balanced adult nutrition containing omega-6 fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat health while its dual defense antioxidant blend of vitamins E & A plus zinc + selenium to promote overall immune strength!

Purina ONE should be fed according to instructions. Be sure to monitor your pup’s weight regularly and adjust feeding amounts as needed in order to achieve ideal body condition. Your dog may require more or less than the recommended amount depending on his age, activity level and breed size.

Natural Chicken & Rice Formula

With its various kibble shapes and SmartBlend of ingredients for 100% complete and balanced nutrition that supports lifelong whole-body health, including a dual defense antioxidant blend to strengthen his immune system as well as natural sources of glucosamine for joint support. This adult dog food will certainly have your canine friend looking forward to mealtimes!

Purina ONE products are developed in accordance with advice from pet nutrition experts and nutritionists. All their ingredients come from within the US and undergo thorough quality and safety testing to ensure safety and ensure long-term quality and nutrition for pets.

Help your pup maintain an ideal body condition by regularly monitoring his weight and making necessary changes as necessary. Provide plenty of fresh water as well as adequate diet, exercise and veterinary care.

Natural Large Breed Formula

Reward your large breed adult dog with this natural large kibble dog food’s wholesome goodness! Real chicken is the star ingredient, while its dual defense antioxidant blend of Vitamins E & A along with minerals zinc and selenium support their healthy immune systems and strong muscles – including supporting heart health! High protein also contributes to overall wellness for strong muscular dogs!

This high-protein adult dog food features real chicken as the number one ingredient, providing loads of protein for building strong muscles – including maintaining heart health in larger breeds. A dual-defense antioxidant blend including vitamins A & E, zinc and selenium minerals support his immunity while glucosamine promotes joint health. Plus, tender, meaty morsels and crunchy kibble provide delicious taste and texture your big dog will drool over!

Nature + research = tangible results. Our natural large breed formula was specifically crafted for your pet’s nutritional requirements and produced in one of Purina-owned US facilities.

Natural Sensitive Systems Formula

Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Sensitive Systems Formula adult premium dry dog food offers superior nutrition for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Crafted by Purina-owned facilities using only high quality ingredients that don’t contain fillers. This premium food features real salmon as its primary ingredient along with easy-to-digest rice and oatmeal as digestible protein sources, along with dual defense antioxidant blend for immune support, Vitamin E & omega 6 fatty acids for skin/coat health promotion, plus natural sources of glucosamine for joint support – making this pet food made by veterinarian recommended brand Purina-owned facilities using only natural, high quality ingredients without fillers or fillers added!

This food has been designed to meet the nutritional requirements set out by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance, so provide your pup with plenty of fresh water, proper diet, exercise and veterinary care to achieve maximum results. In order to maintain ideal body condition for your pup, daily weight checks may also help.