Purina Organic Chicken Feed For Different Stages of Life

As with humans, backyard birds need specific nutrition throughout their lifespans. To ensure your flock thrives and keep each bird happy and healthy, create an individualized feeding program tailored specifically to each stage of their development.

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Organic starter-grower feed provides your chicks with 38 essential nutrients they require during growth, before transitioning them over to layer feed at about 18 weeks. Layer feed features our Oyster Strong System which slowly releases calcium and essential vitamins and minerals for egg formation.



Chicken feed is designed to meet the dietary requirements of baby chicks, including protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins and minerals. Most starter and grower rations contain 20-24% protein which meets these demands adequately.

This organically certified feed for poultry is non-GMO and non-GMO ingredients, making it the ideal choice for raising laying chickens, ducks, and geese from hatch to laying age (18-20 weeks). It provides optimal energy levels (18%), quality protein (18%), prebiotics, probiotics and probiotics for early chick development – available both crumble or pellet form.

This nutritious, complete feed for poultry is prepared using premium cracked corn and whole oats that are loaded with nutrients and carbohydrates, along with soybean meal which boasts plenty of proteins as well as fat-rich content. All these ingredients have been naturally fermented to release additional vitamins while making them more digestible to birds.


As soon as a hen reaches her laying stage, her diet must switch from starter feed to organic layer feed, providing more calcium and protein-rich nutrition that will support strong muscles while producing nutritious eggs.

Organic chicken feed is produced using ingredients grown without pesticides and fertilizers, such as oats, barley, soybean meal, sesame seed, molasses, fish meal, flaxseed meal maize and sustainably-grown wheat.

Organic laying feed comes in pellet or crumble form and offers equivalent nutrition. Your choice between them should ultimately come down to personal taste. In addition, organic chicken feed supplements such as chick grit and scratch grains may help encourage pecking, foraging and feeding instincts while aiding digestion of essential nutrients more quickly and molting supplements can speed recovery from this time-consuming process more rapidly so your flock can return to egg-laying activity more rapidly.


Many chicken keepers keep roosters as part of their flock, feeding them layer feed that meets the nutritional requirements for egg-laying hens. This type of feed contains plenty of calcium to promote proper egg development while boasting 16% protein content. Some chicken owners worry that commercially available poultry food may not provide their adult roosters and non-laying chickens with all the essential nutrition. Purina has addressed these worries by developing a special food tailored specifically to meet these nutritional requirements of adult roosters and non-laying birds. Visit Argyle, TX today or browse online to view our selection of organic rooster feed. From pellets and crumbles containing equal nutrition, choose your choice depending on personal preference and limiting feed waste.


As soon as fall arrives and days get shorter, backyard chickens take their annual “molting vacation.” During this process, hens refresh old feathers while growing new ones in preparation for winter. A high-protein complete feed should be provided during this period to promote feather regrowth.

As your chickens undergo the process of molting, it’s essential to make them as comfortable as possible by limiting handling and giving them ample room inside their coop. Since molting can make your flock more vulnerable to infections and illnesses than usual, be sure to provide access to fresh water throughout the day.

Ideally, keep using starter-grower feed until your chicks start laying at around week 18; once that occurs, transition them over to our Organic Layer Crumbles with Oyster Strong System at 18 weeks of age – this feed provides optimal balances of protein, calcium and other key nutrients that will ensure Flock Strong layers.