Wild Bird Seed 40 Lb Walmart

wild bird seed 40 lb walmart

Purchasing wild bird seed from a local store may cost a bit more than purchasing it online. Online retailers have more varieties and exclusive blends to choose from. In addition, they are more likely to have a discount if you sign up for a birder’s loyalty program. Online purchases may also take a bit longer to arrive since they must be shipped to your doorstep. Also, prices for small quantities may be higher. To avoid this, it is best to check several retailers to find the best price. Also, be aware that online retailers may change their prices frequently so you need to check often.

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Black oil sunflower seed

If you are looking for a quality seed for your bird feeder, black oil sunflower seed is the way to go. These are available at your local grocery store and are often cheaper than unshelled varieties. You can also find high quality brands in bird specialty stores, which contain fewer fillers than the generic store brands. If you prefer to grow your own, you can do so at home or by purchasing seedlings from a local nursery.

Both black oil sunflower seed and striped sunflower seeds are nutritious for birds, but black oil sunflower seed contains more oil and is easier for birds to crack. Both varieties are safe to eat for people. Sunflower seeds come from the common sunflower plant, but there are many varieties produced through selective breeding. Some produce large quantities of seeds while others are very low in seeds. However, all sunflower seeds are grown in the same manner. The benefits of black oil sunflower seed are not limited to birds, however.

Cracked corn

Cracked corn is an essential ingredient in the diet of many wild birds. This variety contains millet, sunflower seed, and milo, and will help attract a wide variety of birds to your yard. It’s great for attracting finches, bluejays, and chickadees. It can also help attract many species of birds, such as cardinals, hummingbirds, and finches.

Corn is a favorite food of many different types of birds, including House Sparrows. In fact, it’s a favorite of bears, raccoons, and deer, and is often contaminated by aflatoxins, which are dangerous at low concentrations. Because of this, be sure to avoid storing your corn in a plastic bag, and rake away old corn from your property.


Raisins in wild bird seed are a favorite among backyard birds. Raisins in wild bird seed are great for attracting colorful songbirds. These seed blends are packaged in large bags to feed several birds for a long time. They also contain peanuts and sunflower chips. For the most part, wild birds will love sunflower seed, but some varieties may contain twigs and sticks.

If you want to attract the largest variety of songbirds, you may want to buy a 40-lb container of Member’s Mark bird food. This mix will attract all types of birds. It is designed with large amounts of nuts and fruits to attract cardinals, chickadees, and other common garden birds. Unlike other brands, this mixture will cost you much less than a single-ply bird feeder.

Sunflower chips

For attracting desirable songbirds to your backyard, you can buy wild bird seed from stores such as Walmart and Home Depot. Wild bird seed is not only for birds, but is also a great way to attract other types of wildlife to your yard. Sunflower seeds are a particularly good choice because they attract a wide variety of birds. Despite their name, this food is not pure. It may contain small pieces of sticks or twigs, and is therefore not suitable for all birds.

Birders can also buy birdseed in bulk from specialized retail stores. When buying in bulk, the price is often lower than the cost of buying individual bags. However, birders need to keep in mind that a large bag of birdseed can last for several months. When buying in bulk, it is better to combine purchases with other birders to extend the shelf life of your bird food. The savings can be significant.